We strive to improve human performance. That is the foundation of what we do. People are the foundation of success. It doesn’t matter what approach, process, or technology is used. Nothing can be accomplished if people aren’t onboard, not on the same page, or not going the right way. Success doesn’t hinge on the big things. Everyone knows what those big things are and have their own approaches to handling them. Success comes from streamlining the minutia where the rubber hits the road. Anyone one can put together a roadmap, plan, or design. Doing it well is hard to come by. And it’s harder still to course correct failing plans and messy designs.

Rather than regurgitating the common practices you can easily get from Google and Large Language Models, we narrow our content to the different perspectives and messy stuff people don’t talk about. That’s what we should be talking about because that’s where the problems are.

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