We help you make your plans work from the boardroom down to the brass tacks using performance improvement approaches. We fast-track your plans, shrink your spend, fuel your assets, and grow your leadership. We also help you with growth, mergers, customer acquisition, and adopting disruptive tech like mobile and AI. We’re comfortable supporting you through your various performance improvement needs may they be regulatory, sales and marketing, operations, or IT.

We served clients across a wide range of industries — education, energy, financial, insurance, logistics, manufacturing, pharma, and retail. Every industry has it’s peculiarities and every client has it’s own unique set of quirks. Every company, like every person, is unique and has its own unique strengths. We align what we do to the strengths of your people and the competencies of your company.

Here’s what we offer from a high level.

redesigndon’t lose steam by boiling the ocean
Do people spend too much time and money on the wrong things?
That is by design.

There will be a point where you’ll outgrow your original design. This happens for your corporate hierarchies, core processes, business infrastructure, business models, and IT-data architectures. What you currently have can only change so much until you’re spinning your wheels and burning your spend. And out-growing your designs is fast-tracked when you’re adopting disruptive tech like mobile and AI. Our redesign-oriented services help you restructure and expand on your existing designs to punch through their constraints and impediments. Significant redesigns involve changes to behaviours, paradigms, processes, work structures, and adopting new tech. They can also lead to a cascade of data migrations and changes through business intelligence, data warehouses, and operational databases.

To be successful your redesigns must scale and reduce spend. They must work within the constraints of your culture, strategies, and talent pools. This means it’s mandatory you have concise requirements and measurable outcomes.

learningsmall leaks sink large ships
Do people create more problems than they solve?
People aren’t the problem. What they’re doing is.

Learning new skills solves 20% of your problems. Learning new behaviours solves 80%. You can’t get to that 80% without doing the 20% first. Our learning-oriented services involve coaching, workshops, and internal/external training. We focus on four tracks — leadership, analysis, redesign, and adopting disruptive paradigms and tech.

To be successful your learning outcomes must be: (1) apply new skills, (2) demonstrate new behaviours, and (3) understand aspects of human psychology.

plansyour backup plan is you getting back on plan
Do people stall, spin their wheels, or miss their deadlines?
It sounds like they’re off plan.

Our plan-oriented services involve planning, managing, and executing strategies, roadmaps, programs, and projects. Plans need to be aligned to cashflow, risk levels, uncertainty, and outcomes. And a plan is only good when you stay on plan. Staying on plan means there needs to be course-corrections. Knowing when to be hands-off and when to intervene is just as crucial as reaching your outcomes.

To be successful your plans must incrementally improve your leadership, culture, talent, and business infrastructure.

softwareyou shape the tools and the tools shape you
Do people spend too much time and money?
The fastest way to fix that is with software.

Our software-oriented services include project management, business analysis, design, programming, and testing. We do data, BI, ERP, workflow, AI, and algorithm projects. We also do software selection and code migrations.

To be successful your software solutions must both support your talent’s workstyles and be supportable by your own talent.

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