Your success is dragged down by gaps in your culture, processes, skill sets, and AI-BI-analytics ecosystems. It’s straightforward to identify these gaps. It’s easier still to provide remedies to address them. The challenge is these gaps are there for a reason. They often take significant investments to fix the underlying factors causing them. To reduce your spend and sunk costs for making these investments, we advocate applying performance improvement practices to your existing culture, talent, and business infrastructure. We help you build your competency to improve, make better investments, and have better talent development.


Too many mix their perception with reality. This leads you to the wrong decisions, wrong investments, and involving the wrong people. Perception can be a distraction when not used to direct conversations and efforts to uncover the actual underlying problems. We use perception analysis to help you better understand the conflicting perspectives and beliefs that are stopping you from addressing the root causes. This analysis is key to driving your conversations, buy in, and journey to surgical performance improvement.


Everyone has their go-to approaches. Often these approaches fail because they don’t scale. They rely too much on mandatory prerequisites in culture, personalities, work styles, and experience. We do objective analysis of your company’s performance using various measures and analytics. We complement this performance analysis with perception analysis to construct scenarios for you to successfully navigate you’re company’s business infrastructure, culture, and powerbase landmines to achieve scalable performance improvement.


Having too much information is much worse than having too little. Too many details pull you into tunnel vision where you’ll naturally miss gaps. You’ll have difficulty doing comparisons, seeing patterns, and seeing the forest from the trees. We use analysis tools to help reduce the scope of information you consume. These tools include visuals, visualizations, and scorecards that directly support key conversations you need to have, key questions you need to reframe, and the key decisions you need to make. Having the right information is having the right next steps for performance improvement.


Gaps are created from vague language. Nebulous outcomes, ill-defined scopes, and unconcise requirements lead to considering the wrong plans, wrong direction, and wrong options. Vague language also impacts the effectiveness of collaboration, training, and knowledge transfer. We clarify language ensuring everyone stays on the same page and marches in the same direction. These are mandatory for predictable performance improvement.


People have a strong tendency to specialize in key areas. This is a result of their emphasis on solving specific problems, getting certain types of certifications, applying key skills, and adopting favorite approaches. This hard wires people to create cracks in work structures, processes, and teams. Strong personalities turn these cracks into gaps by pushing the adoption of approaches that work for their area but are ill-suited for everyone else. We help you develop and balance a combination of the right approaches to bring out the best in your people. Improving human performance is mandatory for performance improvement.

Success comes when you have a clear line of sight to the finish line. That means knowing the path through every critical link and handoff involved. Gone are the days where strategies, plans, and designs are thrown over the wall. To ensure scalability and keeping up with the fast pace for change you must always have a clean line of sight to the end game. Every performance improvement you make as a company has the potential of blowing up in your face. The only thing stopping that are your people. Without improving human performance you will not achieve impactful performance improvement.

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