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Our management is dedicated to making your plans work. We focus on helping you develop and leverage the key competencies that make you productive, effective, and competitive.

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Chris Pehura
coach, trainer, and business engineer for AI-BI-analytics ecosystems


Chris works in AI-BI-analytics ecosystems where the rubber hits the road. He works on the “very big” initiatives that use technology, data, and automation to cut costs and increase efficiencies in core processes, cash flow, and revenue generation. He serves as an advisor, trainer, and hands-on doer with responsibilities ranging from director-level to manager to analyst to hands-on programmer. Areas included strategy, business architecture, business analysis, program management, project management, solution architecture, and programming. His top priorities are knowledge transfer, human performance, and revenue.

Chris works hand-and-glove with big consultancies, Fortune 100 companies, and startups. He has ample experience working through budget constraints and shoestring budgets.


Hanh Phu
detailed scenario planning


Hanh is a methodical manager and designer specializing in efficiencies, blueprints, and hands-on physical assembly. She worked in high volume environments across the globe. She speaks five languages and is familiar with the various cultures in Canada, USA, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Malaysia. She often serves as an interpreter.