our track record

What does making plans work mean to you?

Our top priority is making your plans work. This means helping you deliver what your plans are set out to do. Here are some outcomes we helped our clients achieve.

📈 revenue

increased revenue by 20 to 30% for clients through customer understanding, innovations, process alignment, and business model restructuring. We used business modernization, data-driven predictive models, visualization, artificial intelligence, and forecasting.

📉 budgets

reduced operational budgets by 30 to 40% across clients’ product lines through business model restructuring, productivity improvements, software automation, analytics, and process alignment. We established these through $5 mil to $250 mil projects and $250 mil to $3 bil programs.

📊 executives and offices

established offices, competency centers, and executive positions for clients. Offices and centers specialized in data management, business architecture, project management, business intelligence, and business development. We applied scorecards, culture change, organizational design, program design, alignment, execution, and executive coaching.

📚 education and training

developed post graduate level Big Data programs and courses for clients.

For more about our approaches and the problems we target go to our approach.

Email us at contactus@csuitedata.com to discuss how we help make your plans work.