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from good to great

How do you plan and budget multi-year projects?
Walk through the planning and execution of multi-year projects and initiatives from the budget point of view. Budgets are more than just money allocated to do something. Your budget is a planning tool that helps you manage your cost, risks, and resources during the life of your initiatives.
How do you fast-track your plans?
50% to 80% of initiatives fail because of specialization bottlenecks. Walk through how to fast-track plans and their execution by eliminating these bottlenecks by optimizing, streamlining, and obtaining higher gains in productivity.
How do you think at the speed of sight with Visualizations?
Walk through how to move thinking from the mind to the eyes where your thinking is instantaneous. See how you can do this at your company with tables and visualizations when using data analytics.

defining big data

What are the Top 5 Misconceptions about Big Data?
What are the Top 5 Building Blocks of Data Driven Innovation?
Is Big Data The New Multiplier for Revenue Growth?

data organizations and conversations

What is involved in the Data Strategy Conversation?
What does Big Data and Data-Driven mean to the rest of us?
How Do You Build Your Big Data and Data-Driven Organization?

data professionals and consultants

What Is The Chief Data Officer?
What Does A Data Scientist Really Do?
What are Consultants good for?

models and analysis

How Do You Interpret The Models That Drive Us?
How Do You Accelerate Your Analysis?