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Our management is dedicated to making your plans work. Not only do we leverage our expertise in leadership, budgeting, planning, analysis, and data… we focus on your key competencies that make you productive, effective, and competitive.

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Chris Pehura
specializes in making end-to-end plans work from the boardroom down to the brass tacks

Chris makes plans work by achieving higher returns with fewer people, less effort, and less budget. He does this by establishing your big picture; a model of how your organization works from the perspectives of business capabilities & competencies, leadership, assets, data, systems, IT, and psychology. He then targets your foundational problems using his expertise as a business engineer, manager, and coach; addressing these problems directly when he drives projects, programs, strategies, business analysis, and data initiatives. Chris makes your plans work by doing your heavy lifting for your planning, requirements, and execution.

Chris’s industries are financial, insurance, higher-ed, healthcare, and government. He does deep research in artificial intelligence and its effective use in human capital development, data capital, business performance, and education.


Data-driven product innovations for financial, agriculture, robotics, biometric security, and supermarket pay-at-the-pump. Clients’ revenue growth ranged from 13% to 28%.

Aligned, reinvented, and restructured the business model for seven Fortune 100 companies by leveraging data and incorporated forecasting and predictive models. Clients’ revenue growth ranged from 5% to 32%. Clients’ investment cost reductions ranged from 11% to 40%. Clients’ productivity increases ranged from 17% to 25%. Projects ranged from $5 to $200 mil with programs ranging from $250 mil to $3 bil.

Set up 13 new competency centers, offices, and training programs for Fortune companies for Data, Business Architecture, Project Management (plus Agile), Business Intelligence, and Business Development.


Robert Clarke
specializes in revenue growth

Bob is a highly experienced executive level entrepreneur, executive sales manager, business, Big Data, BI, and IT consultant experienced in acquiring new and retaining small to large Fortune 500/1000 global corporate clients. He has a special expertise in the banking, financial services and brokerage industry processes.

Bob was Air Training Command for the 3615th Pilot Training Wing USAF.


Acquired, recruited, and hired hundreds of people, the top 20% high caliber human resources talent, to provide services to major banking, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and service industries. Managed 30 – 4800 consultants and employees.

Successfully managed mid-level business executives, business consultants, IT project managers, and financial-oriented business intelligence software projects, application development implementations from mergers, to recruiting, to big project delivery.

Founded and developed Systems Resource Group Ltd. (SRG) a multimillion dollar business, systems integration, information technology, training, and consulting firm. First Mid-West BI consulting and training partners. Serviced 40 major national clients. Annual revenue growth rate ranged from 48% to 50%.


Hanh Phu
specializes in detailed scenario planning and analysis

Hanh is a methodical manager and designer specializing in efficiencies, blueprints, and hands-on physical assembly in high volume environments. She speaks five languages and lived in various cultures including Canada, USA, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Malaysia. She often serves as an interpreter.


Processed visa identification, financial valuation, and customs proof of ownership for the Malaysian Task Force.

Served as interpreter and assistant nurse for hospital’s emergency and urgent care.

Assembled and assessed quality for electronics, radios, and apparel. Managed operations for retail stores, factories, and assembly lines.