⁉️ our research questions

The foundations for our research was established by working closely with the founders for leadership theory, enterprise / business / data architectures and strategies, PMI, Agile, and UML. We’ve expanded on that research by answering the hard to answer questions for companies and industries.

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skill development

Which common skills will allow leaders to transition both horizontally and vertically in Fortune companies?

How can complex problems be rapidly solved by teams with diverse knowledge, skills, and backgrounds?


Which business ratios should you use to determine your investments and returns for human capital, data capital, and artificial capital?

competency development

How can executives, business, and data science professionals efficiently work together to build new competencies?

How can you mature capabilities and competencies for data science, data, and artificial intelligence?


How can mobile and in-real-life interactions complement each other to increase productivity, innovation, and system performance?

How can information efficiently be selected, analyzed, and shared solely through mobile devices?