• OUR APPROACH is fast-tracking your end-to-end from strategy to execution
    - fast-tracking planning, analysis, and decision-making

    We fast-track your business management, your strategies, and your in-house approaches.

  • Our Research

    We research and develop unique thought leadership unifying aspects of management, leadership, sociology, psychology, engineering, human performance, and data allowing us to help you across many very different spectrums. With our research and in-house experts we fast-track your business planning, management, and revenue growth.

  • Our Advisory and Consulting

    We advise, consult, and train on a wide spectrum of areas. This allows us to better define, scope, and restructure what we do to better meet your needs and budget. This also allows us to reinforce and fast-track your planning, analysis, and execution at all levels of your organization.

    View our 12 Point Advisory supported by our diverse team of leaders. We use this to reinforce your organization to drive and multiply your revenue growth.

  • Our Training

    To ensure success with a positive experience our clients and consultants go through our proprietary training and workshop program. This is our boot camp that builds fundamental skills for leadership and strategic change. Here are some of the highlights...

    Executive Direction. Sharpening the competitive edge through business management.

    Strategic Change. Planning outcomes using capital, data, and algorithms.

    Execution. Developing key skills and capabilities.

    View our training workshops that ready you for our reinforcements to your business management, data-driven, and data analysis capabilities.

  • Our Strategic Partners

    Our partners strive for financial, operational, and data excellence. We all put human capital back into the equation.

    Systems Resource Group, Ltd.
    Chicago, Illinois

    Systems Resource Group, Ltd. (SRG) is a premier, women owned, full service data and technology consulting firm that is committed to providing best in class talent to our clients on a project and staff augmentation basis. By clearly understanding your technical requirements, we are able to provide people with the technical expertise that allows you to successfully and consistently deliver your data and technology projects on time and within budget. Being one of the first business intelligence consulting and training firms in the Midwest, SRG established a track record for applying hybrid approaches to establish and execute data strategies for large datasets, high volume data and high-value data assets.

    Hartford, Connecticut

    Brandergy is a community of thousands of professionals helping each other do business better via one-on-one discussions and via better branding in our respective professional networks.

    Brandergy is designed specifically to help our group members meet the right people and increase their branding power via such social media services as Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Skype, and Twitter.

    Tampa, Florida

    WE BELIEVE that success tomorrow is about streamlined access to a quantum of profound knowledge today, allowing you to effortlessly capture, manage and master the colossal universe of “big data” surrounding us all. Which is why we literally scan hundreds of expert knowledge bases around the globe daily to come up with a handpicked selection of leading-edge insights matching our three-pronged criteria; SIGNIFICANT, RELEVANT and ACTIONABLE. The end result is a one-stop "evergreen" dossier – poised for your optimal speed of enlightenment.

    Enterprise Management Ltd.
    Palm Harbor, Florida

    Enterprise Management Ltd. is an international leader in linking development and results. What sets us apart is our focus on impacting business outcomes, and enabling the workforce to capture opportunities and still manage risk. We are the authority in developing leadership judgment that creates effective and timely solutions that secure both short and long-term potential. Poor decisions and goal setting are the most fatal leadership flaws, but we are able decode the process of making stellar decisions.

    Based on our empirical research and the need for greater agility, we offer a new framework for leadership that will effectively seize opportunities and mitigate risk, while focusing on results at all levels.

    We provide our clients with practical, research-based, high-impact programs that accelerate business-initiative implementation, improve agility and build a proactive culture.

    Our 30-year legacy as a thought leader continues with the new release of Brilliant or Blunder: 6 Ways Leaders Navigate Uncertainty, Opportunity and Complexity, authored by Dr. Mary Lippitt, CEO and Founder Enterprise Management Ltd.