fuel assets

Every key decision you make involves and impacts your assets. Performance improvement requires you to be able to valuate and compare each asset’s value. You need this so you can invest in and fuel the right assets. There are three kinds of assets. Your hard assets like your equipment, software, and tech. Your soft assets like your people, training, and ideas. Then there are your squishy assets. These are things like AI, BI, culture, data, process, and intellectual property. It’s easy to determine the dollar value of your hard assets. It’s harder to determine the dollar value of your squishy assets. And harder still to determine the dollar value of your soft assets.

how do you determine investment dollars for AI, employees, training, and data?

how do you determine and interpret analytics to meet your target ROI?

how do you utilize BI to maximize investments in the right assets?

We help you build and enhance your tools and yard-sticks so you can do better apple-to-apple valuations and comparisons between hard, soft, and squishy assets. These tools allow you to explore diverse scenarios of what to invest in, how much to invest, and the level of ROI to expect.

Fuel assets is just one pillar for performance improvement. The other pillars are fast-track plans, shrink spend, and grow leadership.

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