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OUR EXPERTISE is where leaders, business management, and data converge
- strategic change and management consulting with a data emphasis

We fast-track your business management, planning, and analysis from the boardroom down to the brass tacks.




Business Models. Reinventing the business model can be very extensive; from the hiring, the firing, and getting the right leadership involved. To help you through the waves of change and uncertainty we provide you with readiness training, business psychologists, fast-tracked planning, and executive coaching. We are a team of diverse leaders with executive, boardroom, and program management expertise.

Data-Driven Sciences. Data-Driven Sciences is the convergence of management consulting, management science, Big Data, and data science. We integrate these sciences to exponentially enhance your core people and core strategies through the use of data capital and artificial intelligence. Our joint workshops and training sessions build data-driven plans, increase productivity, and widen proficiencies to multiply and maximize your revenue growth.

Data Science. Business doesn't understand data science. Data scientists know data but don't understand business, culture or psychology. This not only limits your capability to gain insights from your data, this leads to misunderstandings, lost revenue, and higher costs. To get your insights, we close the gap between business and data science with our training and with our business knowledgeable data scientists.

Leadership. Becoming a good leader requires you to model yourself after your favorite leaders. But in doing so you have to be cautious with how you fit yourself into your leaders' molds. For you to be that stellar leader we build you an unbiased foundation and then build you up from there, taking advantage of your strengths and corporate culture. We coach executives, managers, analysts, and producers.

Chief Data Officers. The Chief Data Officer, also known as the CDO, is responsible for the analytics, data management, and data leadership in your organization. They establish the needed culture, data office, and data strategies to ensure that data meets the needed business outcomes for revenue growth. We develop, mentor, and mold your CDO to fit into your executive team and into your corporate culture. We also provide transitionary CDOs.

Leadership Transitions. Often your best leaders come from a wide range of backgrounds. We fast-track developing your leaders into data leaders and business leaders. We focus on vertical transitions from entry to executive level and horizontal transitions between business areas. We enrich your leaders with the fundamental know how to best navigate your corporate politics and company culture.

Business Offices. The business office accelerates business planning and strategic change so your organization is agile, adapting, and proactively reacting to events and trends within your business and within your market. We build business offices to support your strategies, projects, and programs for leadership, management methodologies, program policies, project processes, business development, new technologies, training, and innovation.

Data Offices. The data office accelerates corporate adoption of new data-driven innovations, sensors, robotics, and algorithms to multiply the returns on human capital and multiply the returns of traditional capital investments at the strategic, operational and tactical levels. We build the right data office and governance for your leadership and your corporate culture.

Big Data. Big Data is big and often vague. Many Fortune 100/1000 companies that integrated Big Data into their enterprises are experiencing various levels of buyers' remorse. They completed Step 1 but can't get to Step 2. We help you get to your Step 2 by realigning your Big Data core to address revenue growth, efficiencies, revenue protection, regulatory, attrition, business development, finance, and human capital.

Human Capital. Are you hiring the right people? Are you grooming the right leaders? We help you invest in and build the right Human Capital and the right talent pools so you remain innovative and successful. With Big Data and Data Capital we help you determine the best people and skills to hire for. We help you determine the true business value your employees have for your company, your revenue, and your revenue growth.

Artificial Intelligence. An algorithm is a series of steps with rules that help you solve problems and accomplish goals. And when we structure these steps and rules the right way we can automate the algorithm to establish Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). And it is this A.I. that helps you do the analytical heavy lifting so you can focus your time on doing the things that you’re good at… the things you were hired to do. We turn your manual procedures and algorithms into Artificial Intelligence.

Analytics. For you to make better decisions across the board we marry and modernize your traditional analytics, MDM, business intelligence, and business performance with algorithms, A.I., Big Data, Data Science, and the Data Office. We help you glue everything together to improve your processes, cut your costs, enhance your revenue, and comply with regulations.